Refund Policy

If you are not entirely satisfied with your product, please contact Bulpul to discuss a return or refund of your product. Contact must be made within 30 days of purchase. After that time any application for refund or return will not be accepted. 

Postage for returns will be at purchasers expense. 

Colours in real life may differ from the colours on the website. I do my best to edit images to reflect the "true colour" of the product but everyone's browser is different and will therefore display colour differently. To assist with colour selection, I am happy to send additional images to try and capture "true colour" as much as possible. Returns due to colours not being as expected will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Before you decide to return your product, please note that all the items that Bulpul Indigenous Designs distributes are hand made by indigenous artists in remote areas of northern Australia. They are produced painstakingly in sheds and sometimes on the verandah of the centres and  private homes. For this reason the fabrics may display flaws and imperfections. This is part of the artistry of the products and add to authenticity and originality of the pieces. Returns will not be accepted due to these minor imperfections. If you want a mass produced and "perfect" product I suggest you visit the large bulk fabric distributors. 

The art and products sold on this website are produced on community in close proximity to domestic animals such as dogs and cats. It is impossible to supply products from in a "pet free" or "allergen free" environment (along with this I have three kelpies - they are part of the family and keep me company in the packing room). Please take note if you are allergic to animal hair; these fabrics are not produced or packaged in a pet free environment.