A-line skirt Armband (L)

A-line skirt Armband (L) A-line skirt Armband (L) A-line skirt Armband (L) A-line skirt Armband (L)

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Stunning Tiwi Design print on linen fabric. This A-skirt is bright and vibrant ensuring you will stand out in a crowd! Size 14 (L) with hem drop just below knee. A gorgeous piece for the summer season to keep you stylish and cool.

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Artist: Francine Tungatalum

Francine created several designs at Tiwi Design in the late 1970’s.
Pamijini (ceremonial arm bands) and Tapalingini (ceremonial head bands) are worn for the Pukamani  (funeral) and Kulama  (Yam) ceremonies. They are worn by both male and female and are believed to keep away bad spirits.The pamijini  and tapalingini  are made of pandanus which is woven and plaited together. Pamijini  and tapalingini  is dyed with natural pigments and decorated tapatapunga (Crab-eye or red-abrus seeds) are sometimes stuck to the sugar bag as decoration. 

Tiwi Design has been printing textiles since the early 1980's. The purpose built textile printing workshop is run by Osmond Kantilla, a master printer with over 20 years practical experience of printing textiles at Tiwi Design along with his assistant Alan Kerinauia.

Osmond supervises the translation of original artworks onto screens and manages the production of the hand printed fabrics. Osmond has designed screens himself and enjoys the artistic process of mixing colours and matching them to fabrics and designs. 

Tiwi Design currently has three 13 metre long tables which are used to hand silkscreen print the textiles, t-shirts and t-towels. We have a commercial oven in which to cook the fabric and set the water based inks.

Tiwi Design produces approximately 500 metres of fabric a week during the dry season and gives daily demonstrations of the screen printing process to visiting tourists.