Fabrics sourced from Australian indigenous communities

Bulpul Garments.

Bulpul fabric is hand printed by indigenous artists on country and hand made into garments and other homewares. Each print tells a story about traditional life and is designed by indigenous custodians who belong to the stories.  

This means each and every metre of fabric and garment is one of a kind and entirely unique.

Also, when you purchase an item from Bulpul, you are assisting indigenous Australians derive an economic income which helps them to remain on traditional country. 

Finally, purchasing fabric through the art centres and helps to continue their fantastic work as curators of our unique and priceless indigenous heritage.

What does Bulpul mean? 

Bulpul means flower or bloom in Yolngu Matha, one of the many indigenous languages of Northeast Arnhemland. 

The name refers to the purple beach morning glory (Ipomoea pes-caprae) that is curling around the woven basket in Bulpul Indigenous Designs' logo. 

The logo design and name was bestowed upon us by Djalinda Ulmari, a dear friend and senior lady from Yirrkala who is an artist and community leader in her own right.